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Guerilla Janitors Manifesto


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Guerilla Janitors Manifesto
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The Guerilla Janitors Manifesto (cleaned version)

Since the 1950s modern society has become obsessed with conformity. This conformity holds us down and leaves us vulnerable to exploitation by governments and corporations. Different or radical behavior is talked about but never done. Because doing a different or radical thing would lead to mockery, hatred and being ostracized from cool society. This conformity has been set along side commercialism and consumerism as important American, Capitalistic, and Civilized values.

A Guerilla Janitor takes conformity to the extremes. The goal of a guerilla janitor is to anger and incite people through mass displays of conformity. A guerilla janitor takes on the role of abusing and misusing conformity. A guerilla janitors goal is to use conformist displays to invoke the individual within all of us. The guerilla janitor over saturates individuals with conformity until that person reaches a breaking point and rebels.

By turning the ideals of conformist culture against itself we will turn life-long conformers into life-long rebels. Through subterfuge and guile we will convert hundreds of conforming individuals into ardent rebels. These new rebels will turn back the tide of conformity and build a new tomorrow.

A career as a guerilla janitor is not for the weak of heart, the scared, or selfish. A guerilla janitor will never be appreciated for his/her work. No conformer turned rebel will ever thank them and their work may go unnoticed. Sacrifices must be made to be a guerilla janitor. One must have the nerve to break into a house just to clean it. Or to sweep fast food restaurants, or all night banking lobbies. Or to sneak through library stacks shelving books. Or to run through office buildings vacuuming. Or to fill a vending machine with only one kind of snack, cheese danishes. Ideals must be sacrificed to cover over graffiti with stickers saying Conform you weirdo. Or to pave the world. Or to paint a parking lot full of cars the same color. Or to yell at people who are not conforming. Or to whitewash over masterpieces of art. Or to eliminate beautiful landscapes. Or to install ominous security cameras in bathroom stalls. Or to use false advertising to turn people against corporations. Or to stage book burnings. Or to form anti-everything organizations. Or to place ads in the most private places. Or to give the populace a glimpse of a totalitarian future in which all free thought will be eliminated. Spread the word and change peoples views any way you can. Keep in mind the three reasons we clean are
1. To overload people with conformity or to anger them so they can be pushed to a breaking point.
2. To take over functions normally performed by the government or corporations for a fee. Helping to end citizens cycle of dependence on the government and corporations and gaining the respect of the community.
3. To clean away corporate rule, government, and the corrupt elements of society.

So remember, together we will-----------
Clean the World!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deodorize the foul stench of corporations!!!!!!!!!!!
Eliminate the grime of government!!!!!!!!!!!
Destroy the grease stain of conformity!!!!!!!!!

Clean The WORLD!!!!!!!!!
(The Caupechian Underground will still host the guerilla janitors manifesto because we support a variety of elements of refusal!)

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