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Where has LJO609 gone? Well the answer is that it has joined the Caupechian Underground.  You may ask what the Caupechian Underground is, well this page hopes to answer your questions.

"When they said you needed money to survive we just ignored them, When they made everything for sale we stole it all and gave it away, We lived our lives and created a society outside of theirs and we were better for it."


We in the Caupechian Underground are interested in forming a cohesive united underground support network and economy to exist outside of the current system. Any ideas, or help would be greatly appreciated. Our ideas are based on the observation that the creation of a shadow economy (or culture) will be the most effective measure against the modern capitalist system. The idea of shadow economy incorporates various anarchist tactics including dropping-out, infoshops, unionism, activism, direct action and guerilla actions. We feel that the creation of an effective underground society is a necessary element in the destruction of the modern hierarchical capitalist system. The shadow economy hopes to help youths, unemployed and minorities live good lives outside the system. While at the same time integrating nonhierarchical ideas into everyday life!

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